The Changing Culture of Mainline Worship

With the encouragement and help of Robert Cornwall, four columns from my online journal have been edited into an essay with the title  “The Changing Culture of Mainline Worship.” (To read the essay, check Sharing the Practice.)

Bob edits Sharing the Practice, a journal, which is published quarterly by the Academy of Parish Clergy, and this article appears in the fall issue of the journal. Sharing the Practice contains a wide range of material, as the Table of Contents below indicates. It’s well worth checking out! (The current APC link brings up the summer issue and my essay appears in the fall issue. The link above accesses a pre-publication pdf of the entire fall 2011 issue. )

Columns From the Editor, Robert Cornwall, APC 2  Academy News, Willard Roth, FAPC 13   Musings of Franz Bibfeldt, FAPC 15   From the Academy President, David Imhoff, APC 28

Articles The Changing Culture of Mainline Worship, by H. Keith Watkins 3   God’’s Surprise (A Hymn), by Rebecca Littlejohn 7   On a Celtic Pilgrimage: Recovering an Ancient Spiritual Practice, by David Nash, FAPC 8   The Royal Wedding: A Review, by Lawton W. Posey, FAPC 10   A Thanksgiving Prayer, by Rebecca Littlejohn 14

Reviews Albert Cutie, Dilemma. Robert R. LaRochelle 16   Willis Jenkins and Jennifer McBride, Bonhoeffer and King, Paul J. Binder, APC  16   Gabriel Fackre, The Promise of Reinhold Niebuhr, 3rd ed., Glenn L. Borreson, APC 17   Shelly Rambo, Spirit and Trauma, Willard E. Roth, FAPC 18   Ronald Higdon, From Faith to Fear, William Powell Tuck, FAPC 19   Christopher Stanley, The Hebrew Bible, Jerrod Hugenot, APC 20   Lisa Isherwood, The Fat Jesus, John F. LaVoe, APC 21   The Lutheran Study Bible, John E. Hugus, APC 21   Daniel C. Maguire, The Horrors We Bless, John E. Hugus, APC 22   Riley Walker & Marcia Patton, When the Spirit Moves, Robert D. Cornwall, APC 22   Howard Markman, et al., Fighting for your Marriage, John E. Hugus, APC 23   Rob Bell, Love Wins, Robert D. Cornwall, APC 23  Bruce G. Epperly, Starting with Spirit, Robert D. Cornwall, APC 24   Douglas Walrath, Displacing the Divine, Glenn L. Borreson, APC 25   Nelson Searcey and Jason Hatley, Revolve, Barbara Hedges-Goettl, APC   26 Gerald Sloyan, Why Jesus Died, John E. Hugus, APC 27

One Response to The Changing Culture of Mainline Worship

  1. bobcornwall says:

    Thanks Keith for sharing the information and link!! I’m pleased to have been able to get this in print for you.



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