Spiritual journey of a recumbent rider

In the winter of 2009, I spent a week bicycling through the warm sunshine of southeastern Arizona. One of the other cyclists on this PAC Tour event was Susan Reed riding a short wheelbase recumbent bicycle. The following summer, I met Susan at the beginning of PAC Tour’s transcontinental ride—from Portland to Savannah, Georgia, in exactly one month’s time. Susan is a powerful cyclist!

What I have learned only recently is that she took up cycling despite a series of traumas to her back. Furthermore, she uses cycling as a way of understanding life’s challenges and responding to them creatively. She is also a blogger, and her ideas are marked by a strong spirit and wisdom. Last month, Susan posted a movie that describes her transcontinental ride. It is a good introduction to the deeply satisfying character of cycling.

Susan’s blog has other descriptions and resources. I hope that you will check it out!

Portland Transcontinental–The Movie

Portland Transcon: The Movie

Click on the link to view the movie.

My first back injury occurred in the early 1960‘s as a young teenager. My back disease seemed to be a debilitating combination of genetics, running for 13 years, complicated child births, a major auto accident, and the Western World life style characterized by a lot of sitting.

In 1990 I re-injured my back and began an eleven-year recovery process including multiple back surgeries and complicated physical rehabilitation.


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